Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reopening submissions for West Virginia writers

Sorry to put this in the blog, but I wanted to get this out:

I received a ton of submissions for this but very few made the cut.
So, I am moving back the deadline and reopening for a second round of

(NOTE: If you made an earlier submission and have not heard back from me, it is still
under consideration so you do not need to submit)

Tentative title: Spooky Stories of West Virginia: 13 Tales from
Mountain State Writers

Editor: Michael Knost

Publisher: Woodland Press

Submission form: email attachment to michaelknost@yahoo.com

Length: 2500 words or less

Pay: Three-cents per word, plus one contributor copy

Deadline: April 1, 2009 (please do not check on status until this date)

Submissions are open only to current and/or former West Virginia
residents...or writers with significant ties to the state.

Stories set in West Virginia are preferred but not mandatory.

These must be fictional tales, whether you are building around a known
ghost or legend, or creating something original.

We are looking for speculative fiction, including ghosts, monsters,
UFO's, etc.

Any further questions should be directed to the editor (see above for

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