Sunday, October 11, 2009

New submission guidelines

After adamantly stressing Legends of the Mountain State 3 would end the series of the Woodland Press anthologies, I have changed my mind.

The publisher never wanted the series to stop, and after talking with many protesting fans for the past few months, I have decided to continue with Legends of the Mountain State 4.

So . . .

Here are the submission guidelines:


Title: Legends of the Mountain State 4

Publisher: Woodland Press

Editor: Michael Knost

Format: Trade Paperback

Payment: five-cents per word (upon publication) plus contributor copy.

No reprints (and please do not resubmit rejected stories from previous editions)

Story length: Up to 2000 words

No multiple or simultaneous subs

Deadline: April 1, 2010

Do NOT query about submission status until August 1, 2010

Send submissions to:

E-mail submissions only. We will accept .doc or .rtf attachments only. Do NOT copy and paste story into the body of your e-mail. Send submissions or inquiries to the above e-mail address.

Publication date: September 1, 2010

I do NOT want stories with legends or ghosts already covered in previous editions of this series. Reading the other books is a great way to see what I am buying.

Stories MUST expand a known legend/ghost tale from the state of West Virginia.

You do not need to be a West Virginian to submit, but you will need to keep the story (and legend/ghost) true to the state. All stories should include real towns and counties from the Mountain State. Do not tell us the biography of a legend/ghost-tell us a story with the legend or ghost at story's center.

We are looking for tales with a solid plot and good character development. Stories should grab the reader's attention quickly and hold it until the end. We want powerful and emotional tales that are creepy, chilling, disturbing, and moody. However, we DO NOT want stories containing explicit language or content.

The most common reasons for rejection will be lack of originality, slow pacing, poor writing, and failure to follow the guidelines. Please visit for the only manuscript format we accept.

We purchase First World Anthology Rights for publication in the English language anywhere in the world.

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