Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I need your help, please.

A 12 year old girl in my area has lost everything in flood waters. She lost her clothes and electronic devices, but what devastated her most was the loss of her books. My friends at the local radio station (WVOW) are putting together a book drive for her. Please consider donating (age appropriate 12-year-old) new or used books.

If you send them to my address, I'll make sure they get to her. This breaks my heart.

Michael Knost
PO Box 12
Logan, WV 25601

Please don't send clothing or money, just books. I am told the little girl is really emotional about losing her books. I can relate. Even as a child my books were very special to me.

You have my permission to repost this in blogs, message boards, or wherever it will reach others that would help.

Thanks you!
Michael Knost

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  1. Hey Michael, might be worth noting for any Canadian folks out there that want to help that shipping directly to you through amazon.com for example is much cheaper than buying anything here and mail it.


  2. What kind of books does she like? I have thousands of all genres, and lots of non-fiction - I'd be more than happy to give some of them to her.

  3. I hear she reads anything she can get her hands on, Livia. She like the Twilight stuff and things with vampires, etc. Thanks!

  4. I saw this post on one of my listserves. I'm going to send her a signed copy of my book, Mistwood - if you think she'd like it personalized to her and you don't mind privately sharing her name, just email it to me at LCypess@gmail.com. (I'm going to the post office this afternoon.)

  5. I lost books, photos and record albums in a flood years back...I hate when this happens to anyone. Look for signed books from me.

  6. Went back to look at your address and realize you're just down the road from me. Very weird, when internetland is supposed to be a million miles away. Even more reason to donate, though.

    Picking out some things on Amazon and sending them your way!

  7. Thank you, everyone! Leah, I just saw your post here.

    Her first name is Ashley if you want to personalize anything to her.

    Thanks again, everyone!