Monday, July 2, 2012

Please help me raise money for a friend with cancer.

A friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Her name is Donna Wagenblast Munro, and she is one of the most giving humans I have ever met. She is a writer and graduate of Seton Hill University, and worked as a coordinator for the alumni’s In Your Write Mind workshop that I just recently attended as a speaker and panelist.

The whole time I was there, Donna made sure that I had everything I needed and that I was always where I needed to be. She said she was my personal minion. And I took pride that my minion was the best! No one had a better minion than I! Then, I noticed that she did this for everyone. You see, Donna is one of those people who puts everyone else before herself. She genuinely cares about people.

When I heard the news a few days ago that she had received the diagnoses of cancer, I cried. I’m not going to lie. It hurt so much to know what she is going to be going through. After two years of watching my father battle with the disease, he is now cancer free. But it takes a toll on the person and the family.

That’s why I want to do this.

Donna deserves to have the comfort and convenience of focusing her attentions on getting better. Because she will get better—she is a fighter, that girl is! However, she doesn’t need to worry about financial issues at this time. This is where you and I come in. Together (all of us) can take the financial burden out of the equation for her and her family.

Therefore, I created a fund for her at so we could make donations to support her during this difficult time. I want to assure you that 100% of all donations will go directly to Donna at the end of the campaign.

Can I count on you to help? I don’t care how much you donate, but if you can afford anything, I promise it will be appreciated and needed. You can have the self-satisfaction that you were part of something great, something life changing.

I don’t care if you know Donna or not—she’s one of ours, and we take care of our own. I don’t care if someone sent you this link and you do not know me—the one who sent you the info knows that you and I and Donna have something in common…and that you have the heart of helping others.

Use the following link for more info/pictures of Donna, and to make a donation:


Thank you for supporting such a wonderful person!


Michael Knost

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  1. Michael, you're the greatest! I'm in. The fact that you have such concern for your fellow human beings says a lot about you and what a wonderful, kind person you are. Donna is such a caring person that she inspires everyone around her. Thank you so much! Sally